Guest Rooms

- The Retreat Centre has rooms and cottages for stay, as well as a couple of dormitories. Both single and double rooms are available. The Dormitory can accommodate about twelve individuals comfortably.

- Guests are requested to bring essential toiletries and medicines, seasonal clothing, mosquito repellant, flashlight/torch, as well as an umbrella (during the rainy season).

- Laundry facilities are available on request.

- The dining hall serves simple, healthy vegetarian food.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms of different sizes are available for rent. Please contact us for more information at +91- 849034974 or send us an SMS to call you back.

Maximum 20 with shared accommodation
Facility Prices

Single room : Rs 600/-
Shared Room: Rs 400/-

Vegetarian Lunch &  Dinner available for Rs.150/-. Request prior order. 

Special Sunday(first Sunday in the month) Organic Vegetarian Lunch : Rs.250/-

Meal Timings

Tea: 6.30 am

Breakfast: 8.30 am

Lunch: 1pm

Dinner: 7.30 pm

Hours of Operation

Naimisam is open except summer months (March 15th to June 15th). Gates are open from 10:00am to 6:00pm for day visitors. If you plan to stay overnight please call and confirm the time of arrival.




For Programs & Accommodation

+91. 995 954 2375  | +91. 945298 8838



Naimisam (Jiddu Krishnamurti Centre)
Village Kondapur
Ghatkesar - 501301
Telangana, India.


1. Proceed on the Uppal Main Road from Hyderabad towards the Rajiv Gandhi           International Cricket Stadium in Uppal, an eastern suburb of Hyderabad

2.  Pass the cricket stadium on your right

3.  After about 500m, on the next signal, take a left towards Ghatkesar town

4.  Keep going straight for about 15km, till you arrive at Ghatkesar town. As you     are passing         through Ghatkesar market, look for a railway crossing to your left.

5. Take a left and cross the railway tracks towards Kondapur village

6.  After about 1.5km, look for a signboard on the right side of the road saying                   "Naimisam".

7.  Take a right onto the soft road as directed by the signboard.

8.  After about 200m, another signboard will direct you to turn left.

9.  Follow the soft road for about 1km. Naimisam will be to your left.