Naimisam (Jiddu Krishnamurti Centre)
Kondapur Village 
Ghatkesar - 501301


1. Proceed on the Uppal Main Road from Hyderabad towards the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Uppal, an eastern suburb of Hyderabad

2.  Pass the cricket stadium on your right

3.  After about 500m, on the next signal, take a left towards Ghatkesar town

4.  Keep going straight for about 15km, till you arrive at Ghatkesar town. As you are passing through Ghatkesar market, look for a railway crossing to your left.

5. Take a left and cross the railway tracks towards Kondapur village

6.  After about 1.5km, look for a signboard on the right side of the road saying "Naimisam".

7.  Take a right onto the soft road as directed by the signboard.

8.  After about 200m, another signboard will direct you to turn left.

9.  Follow the soft road for about 1km. Naimisam will be to your left.